Health professionals

R & D + I

Probelte Pharma maintains a permanent commitment to progress in biomedical research with the main objective of offering products of the highest quality and efficiency.





Pharmaceutical development

Optimization of processes and manufacturing and control procedures in order to ensure the highest quality of products; and development of new products for diagnosis and treatment.


Biotechnology research

Consolidation of the molecular biology and proteomics unit which identifies, produce and characterize new allergens. The specialist is offered new tools for diagnosis and treatment, hence contributing to scientific understanding of the factors responsible for allergic diseases.


Clinical research

  • Clinical studies to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of our products in reference medical centres.
  • Resolution of specific clinical cases by determining the allergenic profile and/or tracking of the immunomodulation produced by immunotherapy, through collaboration with specialists. To ensure compliance with the established objectives through research and development lines, Probelte Pharma has cooperation agreements with hospitals, universities and public and private research centres in our country. With these approaches as the basis of our present, we face the future with a clear vocation for the field of Research, Development and Innovation.