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Sale conditions

To successfully finalise the online purchase process from PROBELTE PHARMA SL, the ‘I accept the conditions’ box must be ticked which indicates that the user is accepting the SALES CONDITIONS. This means that the user has read, understands and accepts said terms and conditions as set out in this document.

The user must also take into account that some articles have specific conditions which are mentioned in the individual description of each one, the acceptance of which also implies that the user has read and understands the information included in the description of the product he is acquiring.


In the PROBELTE PHARMA SL online shop you will find the best products made from the best whole, fresh pomegranates grown in the Spanish Mediterranean area, as well as the best olives grown in Spain.

All the products come with a detailed description which includes the generic composition of the article, a description of its format and the studies carried out on the product in question. All prices include 10% VAT.

Articles can be added directly to the shopping trolley.

Customers will be informed whether delivery costs are included in the price of the products or not.

The prices shown in the description of the product influence whether a customer will buy this product or not, therefore, should there be a mistake in these prices, PROBELTE PHARMA SL will inform the customer once the order has been confirmed.

The prices included in the description of the products include delivery costs to mainland Spain. For all other destinations (Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Melilla) the final price (including transport) will be increased once the province where the product is to be sent has been chosen.



VAT is included in the product price.




In the PROBELTE PHARMA SL online shop there is a shopping trolley.

The user may select all the products he wishes to buy and put them in the trolley to then process the order.

By clicking on the picture of the ‘trolley’ in the top right hand corner or on the link ‘update shopping trolley’, you will be able to see a summary of all the selected products, the content of which can be updated, products eliminated or added as well as changes in quantities.

If you wish to continue shopping, you will need to click on “probeltepharma” in the top left hand corner of the page. You can then continue to add products to the trolley before finishing shopping.

If the content of your shopping trolley is correct, you should now click on ‘continue with the purchase’. You must now register to create an account and a form will appear where the necessary personal details must be filled in so as to create a new account and manage the order made.

If you have already registered, you will have to type in your email address and password and click on ‘continue’.

Once all the products you wish to acquire are in the trolley you will have to click on ‘continue with the purchase’.

In the right hand margin, you will see the delivery information and the order invoice. If the information is correct, click on the red ‘Continue’ button. If the information is not correct, by clicking on ‘change’ you can change it at this stage.

Once you have clicked on the ‘Continue’ button, you will see information related to payment, which may be via bank transfer or credit card. You must choose the method of payment and then click on the red ‘Continue’ option.

Once this is done, an Order Summary will then appear which will include the products and the total price of your purchase (taxes and delivery costs included). The next step is to click on ‘Accept the conditions’ and clicking on the red ‘place an order’.

Next, you will be informed on the screen that your order has been received (and a number will be assigned to you). Should the payment method chosen be bank transfer, you will need to put the assigned number in the ‘concept’ space.


Product availability

Very rarely, due to changes in the market or other special circumstances, a product may not be available when ordering a product. Probelte Pharma will always inform customers of the availability of a product and money will be refunded should something be unavailable.


Payment via bank transfer

Bank transfer is the most common payment used by consumers. This is why at we give you the possibility of doing a bank transfer online or in a bank. The bank transfer details are as follows:


Name of bank: CAJAMAR

IBAN: ES72 3058 0297 9027 2000 9660


In the concept part of the transfer, the order number should be included which you will previously have received by email.

Once the transfer has been carried out and received by Probelte Pharma S.L., the order will be sent to the address you have given.


Payment via credit card

Probelte Pharma redirects you to your bank so that you can put in your personal details and therefore make a payment.